Originally created for applying flex and screen printing transfers in sports shops, the Clam Pro is also suitable for medium-volume textile marking runs, textile sublimation, rigid substrates sublimation (aluminium, MDF, wood, porcelain, etc), DTG (GPX version) and laser printing.


OperationSlide - Tray with drawer, Clam - Portfolio Opening
Platen size40x50 cm / 16x20 "
Max thickness15 mm
Weight58 Kg / 128 lbs
Pressure330 gr/cm²
°C / °F Max220 °C / 429 °F
Power2500 W, 3200 W
Power supply240 V Single-phase + Neutral + Ground
Amperage11 A, 14 A
ApplicationsFlex, Direct to Garment, Pretreatment, Sublimation Rigid Substrate, Textile Sublimation, Laser Transfer, Screen Printing
Dimension969x990x453 mm / 38x39x18 "

Auto-open heat transfer press with drawer-type lower plate.


  • Auto-open
  • Quick-change platens
  • T-shirts threaded from front or rear of the plate
  • Pre-heat time
  • Dual item counter
  • Double position option for passing from strong to light pressure without touching the pressure knob
  • Designed and manufactured in France
  • Two-year machine warranty
  • Ten-year warranty on heating elements

Electronics :

  • Electronics developed by Sefa
  • Accurate and fast regulation (PID control)
  • Double timer (main + pre-heat)
  • 2 cycle counters
  • 3 settable programs
  • Stop cycle function
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 Instruction Manual (PDF) DOWNLOADV. 0414 
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